Please help. I'm searching for:

--At the Beeb, Discovered Tracks, newly discovered or better than ever tracks from BBC (PM-001/002)

-Mach Schau! Live At The Star Club In Hamburg, Germany 1962 (4CDs)
-The Ultimate Live Collection `64 vol.1 (Sweet Zapple sz-148)
-Assorted Colors

-Beatle Tour with Jerry G (CD-R declicked acetate)

-Christmas Music (Black Owl BO-CD 124)
-Corrected Mixes

-Early Style (Studio Mystery Tracks)

-Get Back, Let It Be…God Knows What Else!
-Hot Wacks (Rock Solid 7005-6)
-Last 66 Minutes at Apple Studios, January 31st, 1969 (tapo 027)
-Lord Woodbine’s Superb
-Listen to This, Eppy
-Oops…Shed! ( Vigo Tony)
-Playback Essentials (Silent Sea SS125-126) (2)
-Introducing the Beatles (Sapcor 28)
-Roughest Visits (Excavation EXCD-001)
-Sammy’s Kicked It
-Secret of Anthology 1 & 2 (Studio Mystery Tracks) (2)
-Sessions Return (Again) (Masterdisc MDCD 002)
-Start to Finish (live)
-Studio Mystery Tracks – Final Edits
-Ups and Adds Vol. 6 (Silent Sea)
-US Capitol Versions (Sweet Zapple)
-Warts ‘n’ All (Martha 0004)
-“Z” is for Zapple (RAR)

-Another Tracks Of With The Beatles" (New Edition) SWEET ZAPPLE (2CD Set)
-Rock 'n' Roll Music" SWEET ZAPPLE PCSP 719-1/2 (2CD Set)
-Hollywood Bowl Concerts" 40th Annyversary Special Box Edition SWEET ZAPPLE SZ-143/144 & SZ-11638 (3CD Set)
-The Ultimate BBC Sessions 1962 - 1966" (Secret Trax) Disc 11 - 20

-Rubber Soul Working Version (2 CDs-Misterclaudel)
- Abbey Road Working Version (2 CDs-Misterclaudel)

-Custom Pressing (Black Cat)

-Mirror Spock Remixes (Mirror Spock)

-Studio Mystery Tracks Act. 1 (Studio Mystery Tracks)

-Studio Mystery Tracks Final Edits (Studio Mystery Tracks)

-Secret Of Anthology Vol. 1 & 2 (Studio Mystery Tracks)


And I'm searching too for audio copies from:


Argentinian LP "Hey Jude"
Argentinian Mono LP "Abbey Road"
Argentinian Mono LP "Hey Jude"
Argentinian Mono LP "Let It Be"
Argentinian Mono LP "Rubber Soul" Odeonpop LDS 2127 Matrix XEX 579
Argentinian Mono LP "White Album"
Brasilian Stereo LP "Abbey Road" P1986 In The Matrix
Brasilian Stereo LP "Abbey Road" Early Issues Without 'Her Majesty' On Label
Brasilian Mono LP "Abbey Road"
Brasilian Mono LP "Beatlemania"
Brasilian Mono LP "Beatles Forever"
Brasilian Mono LP "Hey Jude"
Brasilian Mono LP "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"
Brasilian Mono LP "White Album"
Brasilian Stereo LP "Beatles Forever"
Brasilian Stereo LP "Help" 70's UK-Version SMOFB 481
Brasilian Stereo LP "With The Beatles" 80's issue, matrix 04181-A 1-1-2-17
Brasilian Stereo LP "Yellow Submarine" Early Issues
Bulgarian Compilation LP "Popular Singers"
Canadian Stereo LP "Something New" Capitol Reissue - Purple Label
Canadian Stereo LP "Twist And Shout" Rainbow Capitol Label
Czechoslovakian LP "A Hard Day's Night"
Czechoslovakian LP "Abbey Road"
Czechoslovakian LP "Beatles 62-65"
Czechoslovakian LP "With The Beatles"
Czechoslovakian Mono LP "A Collection Of Beatles Oldies"' 
Czechoslovakian Stereo LP "A Collection Of Beatles Oldies" 
Danish Stereo LP "Magical Mystery Tour" SHZE 327
Dutch Stereo LP "SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" Yellow Vinyl
French LP "Abbey Road"
French LP "Les Beatles 1965" DSX 228 Orange Label
French LP "Les Beatles No. 1" 70's Issues Light Blue Odeon Label
French LP "Revolver" CLSO 105
French LP "With The Beatles" Parlophone 2C 066-04181
German LP "20 Golden Hits" Arcade
German LP "A Collection Of Beatles Oldies"
German LP "Rarities" Later Issues Matrix 06867-B1
German LP "Rock' N' Roll Music"
German LP "With The Beatles" 80's Issues Matrix 04145
German Mono LP "Something New"
German Stereo LP "A Hard Day's Night" 80's Issues Matrix 04145
German Stereo LP "Help" 80's Issues Matrix 04257-A1
German Stereo LP "Magical Mystery Tour" 80's Issues Matrix 04449 B1 + C
German Stereo LP "Please Please Me" 80's Issues Matrix 04219
German Stereo LP "SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" Picture Disc
German Stereo LP "White Album" White Vinyl, DMM, Matrix 04174-A1+//D
Italien Stereo LP "Abbey Road" Matrix 04243-A/B-12-9-69
Italien Stereo LP "I Favolosi Beatles" Matrix 04181 A 29 5 70-1
Italien LP "Hey Jude" Matrix 04348-A-2-3-70
Italien Stereo LP "White Album" YEX 709-T2
Italien Stereo LP "Yellow Submarine" Matrix YEX-715-1-27-1-69
Japanese Stereo LP "SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" OP/AP-8163
Korean LP "Let It Be" OLE 170
Mexican Mono LP "Yesterday And Today"
New Zealand LP "A Collection Of Beatles Oldies" Apple Issues
New Zealand LP "Revolver" Apple World Record Club WRC E. 3114
Nicaraguan Mono LP "Let It Be"
Portugese LP "Let It Be"
Portugese Stereo LP "Please Please Me"
Spanish Mono LP "Por Siempre Beatles"
Spanish Stereo LP "Por Siempre Beatles"
UK Stereo LP "SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" Matrix YEX 638-2
UK Stereo LP "SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" Matrix YEX 638-3
UK Stereo LP "SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" Matrix YEX 638-4
Yugoslavian LP "A Hard Day's Night" Matrix 280879 LSPAR 70807
Yugoslavian LP "Beatles For Sale" Matrix 221176 LPARS 73058-1
Yugoslavian LP "Help!" Matrix 10279 LPARS 70808
Yugoslavian LP "Magical Mystery Tour" Matrix 13177 LSPAR 73060
Yugoslavian LP "Please Please Me" Matrix 19678 LPARS 70805
Yugoslavian LP "Revolver" Matrix 71075 LPARS 70760
Yugoslavian LP 'SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' Matrix 8776 LSPAR 73039
Yugoslavian LP "With The Beatles" Matrix 28976 LPARS 70806
German EP "Long Tall Sally"
Japanese EP "Paperback Writer" OP/AP - 4198
Japanese EP "Sie Liebt Dich" OP/AP - 4118
Japanese EP "Strawberry Field Forever" OP/AP - 4198
Japanese EP "We Can Work It Out" OP/AP - 4198
Mexican EP "Got To Get You Into My Life" EMI EPEM-10142
Mexican EP "I Am The Walrus" Apple EPEM-10457
Mexican EP "I Want To Tell You" Apple EPEM-10541 Or EMI EPEM-10189
Mexican EP "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" Apple EPEM-10458 
Mexican EP "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" Apple EPEM-10459
Mexican EP "Magical Mystery Tour" EMI EPEM-10540
Mexican EP "Strawberry Field Forever" Apple EPEM-10457
Mexican EP "Taxman" Apple EPEM-10536
Mexican EP "What You're Doing" EMI EPEM-10043
Mexican Mono EP "A Hard Day's Night" EMI EPEM-10042
Mexican Mono EP "A Day In The Life" Apple EPEM-10457
Australien Mono Single "For You Blue" Apple A 9163
Australien Single "I Want To Hold Your Hand" Parlophone A 8103
Brasilian Single "SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/A Day In The Life" 31C 016-06843
Canada Single 'A Day In The Life' Capitol 4612
Danish Stereo Single "Back In The USSR" Apple SO 6061
Dutch Single "Back In The USSR" Parlophone R6016
French Mono Single "For You Blue" 2C006-04154M
French Single "The Long And Winding Road" Oldies But Goldies
French Stereo Single "For You Blue" Oldies But Goldies
German Mono Single "I Am The Walrus" Odeon 23660
German Mono Single "Yellow Submarine" Odeon 23280 
German Single "Girl" Parlophone 2028637
German Single "I Don't What To Spoil The Party" Odeon 22999
German Single "Michelle" Parlophone 20 28637
German Single "No Reply" Odeon 22893
German Single "What Goes On" Odeon 23171
Portugese Single 'A Day In The Life' 8E 006-06843
South African Single "I Should Have Known Better" SPD667
Turkish Single "The Ballad Of John And Yoko" Apple 4-LA 4310 
UK Mono Single "Hey Jude"
US Mono Single "Baby You're A Rich Man" Capitol 5964 Later Issues
US Mono Single "I Am The Walrus" Capitol 2056
US Promo Single "I Want To Hold Your Hand" Capitol Pro 2549
US Promo Single "Penny Lane"
US Single "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" Capitol Jukebox Single S7-18892, 1996 Blue Vinyl
Australien Maxi Single "SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" Parlophone A12000 
Brasilian Mono 'Imagine: John Lennon'
Japanese Laserdisc "Yellow Submarine" 1987
Laserdisc "A Hard Day's Night"
Laserdisc "Imagine: John Lennon"
Laserdisc "Yellow Submarine"
Original Promo Clip "Revolution"
Original US Promo Clip "Hey Jude" On Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
TV Programme "With A Little Help From My Friends"
US 8-Track Cassette "A Hard Day's Night" United Artists 1968 or 1970
US Maxi Promo Single "1962-1966 + 1967-1970" Columbian Yellow Vinyl
US Pocket Disc (4") "Hey Jude"
Video "A Hard Day's Night" 1982 "Vestron" Release Marked As Mono